Sustainable Building Blocks ​

The clean technologies of the future—EVs, wind turbines, and more—depend on powerful rare earth magnets to function. From increasing energy efficiency to conserving water and developing closed-loop recycling pathways, MP is taking action across our operation to ensure the technologies of tomorrow are served by an increasingly sustainable rare earth supply chain.


Environmental Standards All operations are fully permitted and comply with rigorous U.S. federal and California environmental regulations, among the highest environmental standards in the world.

Clean, Safe
Ore Body

Clean, Safe Ore Body The ore body at Mountain Pass contains unusually low levels of naturally occurring thorium and uranium relative to other rare earth deposit types around the world. This, combined with our tailings management and processing technologies, ensures we operate the cleanest, safest rare earth processing site in the world today.

Dry Tailings

Dry Tailings Process To virtually eliminate the risk of groundwater contamination, Mountain Pass employs a state-of-the-art dry-stacked tailings process – the only of its kind in the rare earth industry. Dry tailings are retired in lined impoundments. Put simply, we believe that material is returned to ground with nearly as little risk to the environment as the hard rock from which it is extracted.


Closed-Loop, Zero-Discharge To conserve water and further minimize our environmental footprint in an operation located in the Mojave Desert, MP utilizes a closed-loop tailings and concentrate dewatering method that enables recycled water to satisfy approximately 95% of demand. We operate a zero-discharge facility with no process water disposed offsite or to the ground.

How We’re Helping

MP Materials aims to bring a robust, environmentally conscious rare earth supply chain back to the U.S. Our materials are the building-blocks for high-strength magnets critical to carbon-reducing technologies like electric vehicles and wind turbines. With our state-of-the-art, zero-discharge rare earth facility and sustainable processes, our customers and their end customers can rely on us to help reduce the “net” environmental impact of adopting green technologies. It starts with us.

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