Why We're Different

Sustainability is core to our mission. Mountain Pass is believed to be the most environmentally responsible rare earth facility in the world, positioning MP Materials as the only rare earths producer that is ready to support a fully green supply chain for products vital to the electrification of the global economy. Overall, we believe we advance 11 of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals, across areas including clean energy, green mining, ownership culture and employee empowerment, and securing of strategic resources.


Environment Standards All operations are fully permitted and comply with rigorous U.S. federal and California environmental regulations, among the highest environmental standards in the world.

Clean, Safe
Ore Body

Clean, Safe Ore Body Mountain Pass’s primarily Bastnaesite ore contains significantly lower levels of radioactive thorium than most other deposits; monazite-rich bodies contain orders of magnitude higher thorium.

Dry Tailings

Dry Tailings Process Our state-of-the-art dry-stacked tailings process eliminates the need for high-risk wet tailings ponds, enabling the recirculation of >90% of the process water and virtually eliminating the risk of groundwater contamination.


Closed-Loop, Zero-Discharge The dry-stacked tailings process allows our milling and beneficiation process to consume 1/20th of the fresh water of a comparably-sized facility, while our on-site Chlor-Alkali facility recycles our waste brine water from the separations facility and converts it into the chemical reagents needed for the separation process (via electrolysis powered by clean natural gas).

How We’re Helping

MP Materials aims to bring a robust, environmentally conscious rare earth supply chain back to the U.S. Our materials are the building-blocks for high-strength magnets critical to carbon-reducing technologies like electric vehicles and wind turbines. With our state-of-the-art, zero-discharge rare earth facility and sustainable processes, our customers and their end customers can rely on us to help reduce the “net” environmental impact of adopting green technologies. It starts with us.

MP Materials